HTC One mini Disassembly Teardown

HTC One mini Disassembly Teardown

The spare parts for the HTC One mini have just arrived. Finally ...! Here I show how to open the HTC One mini (HTC One mini Teardown, HTC One mini Disassembly). Step by step explained with pictures. Here you can go directly to the HTC One mini repairs.

HTC One mini disassembly photo 1
The first thing we need to do is detach the bottom plastic cover from the phone. This is only glued on. Best briefly warm up so that this can be easily removed. The Torx screw underneath holds the display unit together with the back cover. display unit together with the back cover. Loosen this screw so that we can separate the display unit from the backcover in the next step. Display unit from the back cover can separate.
HTC One mini disassembly photo 2
After loosening the Torx screw, the display unit of the HTC One mini is just clipped in place. The red Arrows mark where the clips are located everywhere. The cracks on the left side of the device were already present before. Care must be taken not to damage the back cover. But this should be done without any problems. The display can then be lifted out upwards. There are no cables etc. Backcover fastened.
HTC One mini disassembly photo 3
Unscrew all screws marked in red. Then all green marked Steckverbingen / glueing loosen. Make sure that the volume flex and the power button flex are released before going to the next step. These two flexes are soldered to the board and can't be easily replaced in case of a can not be replaced easily. At the end disconnect the battery from the board and take the vibra out of the Vibra holder.
HTC One mini disassembly photo 4
After disconnecting all the connections, we can easily remove the board from the rest of the HTC One mini. We now have the display unit with battery, SIM reader, both speakers and dock connector and next to it the complete board of the HTC One mini.
HTC One mini disassembly photo 5
You can easily remove the lower speaker with dock connector. Best to warm up a little again so that the glue can be better solved. Be careful not to damage the speaker with the tool. damaged with the tool. The upper speaker can be solved in exactly the same way.
HTC One mini disassembly photo 6
After the battery has been removed, we have the complete display unit in front of us, which can now be replaced. can be changed. The HTC One mini display unit namely consists of display, touchscreen, bezel and SIM reader.

Opening the device is done at your own risk. I assume no liability for any damage caused. Nevertheless I think that this small overview can be useful for one or the other.

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If you have any questions or uncertainties, just write us a message.

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Tarek El-Dawal
July 29, 2014, 11:26 p.m.
Schönen guten abend vielleicht erinnerst du dich noch an mich hatte dir schon mal eine mail bezüglich des htc one mini geschickt weil ich fragen zur reparatur hatte. ich habe die reparatur vollzogen und das handy fahrt auch hoch nur leider funktioniert die touch funktion nicht also egal was ich mache das display reagiert gar nicht, ich kann es weder entsperren noch sonst was damit machen. darauf habe ich das back cover nochmal abgenommen und alle steckverbindungen kontrolliert und finde keine fehler alles dran alle klipse verriegelt und sogar die schutz folie wieder rauf getan. ich hoffe du kannst mir evtl weiter helfen vielleicht hast du ja noch eine idee woran es liegen kann. vielen dank im voraus
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April 3, 2014, 9:16 p.m.
Danke für die schöne Anleitung. Habe hier ein HTC One mini mit kaputten Akku, den ich nun dank eurer Anleitung mal versuchen werde selbst zu tauschen. Man darf gespannt sein, was dabei rauskommt.

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