Save cell phone with water damage

Save cell phone with water damage

Some cell phones are nowadays splash-proof or completely waterproof, but most are not. If your phone should still have flown into the water, there are a few points to consider to possibly save the phone again.

A smartphone that has fallen into the water does not necessarily have to be broken. Although the probability is given, who knows the immediate measures, has a good chance to save his phone.

Wet cell phone rescue, the steps

  • Take the cell phone out of the water as soon as possible
  • Do not press any button! If the battery cannot be removed from the phone, try to turn off the phone as soon as possible.
  • If possible remove the battery and let it dry separately
  • Remove cases, protective foils over openings and other peripherals
  • Remove SIM card and SD card if present
  • Leave openings
  • Dry cell phone externally with a cloth
  • put the phone in a bowl with uncooked rice
  • after 48 hours you can try to turn on the phone, it should be dry now

Caution! Do not use a hair dryer or dry the phone in the oven!

To avoid consequential damage from corrosion, it may be worth visiting a cell phone repair shop (depending on the value of the device). nanoRepair does not perform these repairs/services. These instructions by no means guarantee the salvation of a defective cell phone. However, thanks to these important steps, the chance can be massively increased.

Mobile phone water damage rescue


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