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Before the repair

Do you have any questions or uncertainties before booking an order?

  • Will I lose the data on my cell phone?

    The data remains unchanged on the device during a repair.

  • Can I drop by at any time?

    No, this is not possible. nanoRepair is a purely online repair provider. Please also book an online repair order for every repair. You will then receive all the information you need for a smooth repair process.

  • Can I also drop off the device?

    Of course, you can drop off your device for repair by yourself. However, collection of your device is not possible and must therefore be handled by post. You will automatically receive all necessary information after you have booked your mobile phone repair.

  • Do you need my SIM card?

    No. A SIM card is not required for the repair. However, the device must be activated and not blocked so that we can test the spare parts. Otherwise, we do not provide any warranty in accordance with our terms and conditions.

  • Does nanoRepair also repair devices with water damage?

    As a matter of principle, we do not repair devices with water damage and are therefore not equipped for these repairs. Of course, we can replace components for you which we also replace on devices that are not affected by water damage. However, we do not guarantee any such repairs.

  • Where does the cell phone have to be sent?

    nanoRepair AG
    Zeughausstrasse 6
    8500 Frauenfeld

  • In my case, only the glass or the display is broken, not both.

    If the repair is listed individually on the device page, this can also be replaced individually. Unfortunately, however, more and more displays and touch screens are glued together so that both have to be replaced during a repair.

  • Can spare parts I purchased myself be used?

    We only use our own spare parts and cannot accept replacement parts from customers.

  • What do the various availabilities mean for the respective repairs?

    The status of "spare parts available from stock" means that the respective spare parts are in stock and a repair is possible immediately. The status of "spare parts are on the way" means that the corresponding spare parts have already been ordered and should arrive soon. A repair is therefore possible in the following days. The status of "spare parts from an external warehouse" means that the appropriate spare parts will be ordered for you after your repair order has been completed. You can wait for notification about the arrival of the spare parts and only then send in your device. This keeps the repair time to a minimum.

  • Is my device still waterproof after the repair?

    All devices are professionally glued back after repair. The device is usually as tight or leaky as it was at the factory. However, a guarantee for the same renewed waterproofness cannot be granted.

During the repair

Do you have a question while your device is in the repair clinic?

  • How long does a repair take?

    Repairs where spare parts are available from stock usually only take a few days. However, to be on the safe side, expect up to a maximum of 1 week.

  • During the repair it is noted that even more components are defective than specified.

    We never repair more than what the customer wants in advance. If the device is further damaged or additional repairs are necessary, the customer is always informed in advance and we await their decision.

  • Can I wait for the repair?

    No this is unfortunately not possible. We no longer offer express repairs.

After the repair

Do you have a concern after the repair has been carried out?

  • Do you have a concern after the repair has been carried out?

    No, unfortunately no pickups are possible. The return is therefore always sent by post.

  • There is a problem after the repair.

    Please contact us directly through the Contact tab or by email.

Other questions

  • Can I buy spare parts from nanoRepair?

    Unfortunately, we do not sell any spare parts without an associated repair.

  • My device is not listed

    You are welcome to contact us with details of the device and the damage. If a repair is possible, you will receive an offer.

  • How long will my repair order remain active?

    The spare parts of your repair order are reserved for a maximum of 2 weeks. After that, the spare parts will be released for resale. If you send in your device later, please inform us so that the parts can be reserved for a longer period. If you send the device later, you do not need to create a new order.