Delivery problems Samsung spare parts

Delivery problems Samsung spare parts

Parts shortage in current Samsung smartphones

Is Samsung running out of parts for its smartphones? According to reports from numerous repair shops in Germany, yes. According to the report, cell phone mechanics who work with official Samsung spare parts are suffering from a dramatic shortage of parts. Some repair shops are "up to their necks in water," a service provider specializing in handling cell phone damage quotes a company affected. Without parts, no repair. No repair, no customers. What's going on at Samsung?

For weeks, Samsung spare parts have "either not been available at all, or only at an extra charge and with a considerable waiting time," the report says. This information has also been confirmed by affected service providers when asked by CHIP. The repair stores are therefore faced with the problem of losing their customers, which include not only private individuals but also insurance companies and retailers - or significantly increasing prices. The third alternative - relying on cheap replicas from China - is not an option for reputable repair shops.

Where are the Samsung parts?

One of the reasons for the current shortage of spare parts is the bankruptcy of the major Korean shipping company Hanjin. It filed for bankruptcy at the end of August, which is why around 80 container ships are now bobbing around on the world's oceans. As the shipping company is currently unable to pay the berthing costs in the ports, the cargo cannot be brought ashore. The 500,000 or so containers on these ships are said to contain numerous Samsung smartphones, presumably including spare parts.

But the spare parts problem seems to have other causes - which ones are unclear. The repair stores report that their dealers had already corrected the availability of various parts in June. Deliveries that usually took only 48 hours were then only available on pre-order or with uncertain delivery times.

Even Samsung's officially recognized "service locations", of which there are twelve in Germany, are affected by the problem, as a spokeswoman for one of the locations confirmed. However, she had received a "flood of replacement parts" a week ago, which gives hope for improvement. Samsung has not yet issued an official statement about the problems.



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